Pivothead Video Recording Sunglasses

pivotheaddurangomatteblackYou know me, a geek about technology.  I just purchased online a pair of these video recording sunglasses from Pivothead.  My hope is to take more video of my day so my Dad can get a better glimpse into my day to day life and to shoot some instructional video where I need my hands free.

There were times where I wanted to shoot some video or take a picture but, didn’t want to break out a camera to do so.  Like, in a crowded subway train.  We were packed in like sardines.  If I had these glasses I could just press a button and take a picture of shoot video.

The camera is right above the nose.  These are fairly inconspicuous unless someone looks really close at them.  Gotta be careful wearing them into the bathroom.

The Truck is Mine

TheTruckisMineI own my truck.  I owed about another $17,000 on my truck loan so I took out a loan against my 401k and paid it off.  The interest rate on my 401k loan is way lower and I’m paying the interest back to myself.  I don’t fully understand how that works, but, that’s what it is.

My truck can’t be taken away from now.  It’s mine and maybe I’ll actually be able to save a little money each paycheck instead of having to dip into my savings.

Searching for Marty

MartyBakerPeriodically, I will do an internet search for my best friend in High School, Marty.  I haven’t been in contact with him for about 20 years now.  His full name is actually Martin Manuel Baker.  Today I got the bug to do another search but this time I searched for pictures and low and behold, I found a picture of him.

Latey, there has been quite a few sites pop up that want our money to do background checks on people.  Apparently, Marty was arrested  4 years ago in Lake, CA and his mug shot can be found on these various sites.

He still looks the same to me.  Hes had mental issues in the past and probably still does.  At least he doesn’t look sun burned from being homeless.  He should be paying rent somewhere on our tax dollars.  I hope he is OK.



MohawkI’m not sure I shared this with you or not.  My friend came over with his clippers and wanted help cutting his hair.  So, afterwards he helped me but, decided to start in only certain areas.  He took a picture half-way through.  It’s not even but, hey, it was his first one.

3D Printer Latest Tweaks

One_ComputerI did more tweaks this weekend.  Mainly on the software side.  I obtained a cheap older laptop, installed a Linux OS on it and the open-source software to run the printers.  Now, I’m operating both printers from one computer, all on open source, free OS and software.

PowerSupplyI also removed the small, cheap power supply my original printer came with and replaced it with a bigger unit.  The more wattage and amps now gives me enough to power a heatbed, which will be my next upgrade.

switchesI need a better method of turning the unit on than just plugging in a cord into the wall so I installed these little switches to power on the unit and extra fans to keep the thing cool.  Which is really important because I’ve already had to reprint a replace a major part which warped from heat.

Star Wars Lightsaber

BenObiWanKenobiLightsaberI’ve been working on a model replica of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber.  Some Star Wars geeks posted the files online to be 3D printed in 14 different pieces.  I still need to print a few pieces again because I’m not happy with my paint color selection so I’m going to print the pieces in a metal color and not paint at all.

I’m not a big Star Wars geek.  I feel privileged to be a young kid when the first movie came out.  It was a different time back then as far as sci-fi and movies in general are concerned.  Star Wars was special, but, would probably be considered “B” material by todays standards.

I still enjoy the old Star Wars movies.  The new stuff not so much.  And there is a lot of Star Wars material, cartoons and 3d animations, etc.  I’m not up on any of the new stuff, I don’t watch it.

Anyway, I may end up giving this to my friend Robbie when I’m done.  He’s the big Star Wars fan.  He goes to events and stuff and can actually get some real enjoyment out of it.

Once I finish it I may just put in an application to the Jedi Academy.  I will have already built my own lightsaber which is one of the prerequisites isn’t it?

First Dollar

firstdollar2My 3D Printer made it’s first dollar last night.  MakeXYZ.com is a site where people like me can register their 3D printers and their capabilities.  People without 3D printers can then search for printers and people to print their items.  I registered my printers.

I got a message yesterday (Thursday) from a gal than wanted a 3D printed quill.  She was doing a scavenger hunt and one of the items on the list was to obtain a 3D printed quill, take a video of it printing and then use it to write a phrase.  She needed by Friday night.  She called some place that does 3D printing here but, they wouldn’t let her video it printing.  They then referred her to makexyz.com and she found me.

I messaged her back after I got home from work.  I found a 3D quill online, (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:417694) and printed it in about 20 minutes.  I printed two for her, another click of the button.

She came by that evening in time to video the second one printing and then used it to write her needed phrase.  I told her the material is pennies, the cost is just time and effort.  I charged her only 5 bucks.  It’s not like I’m out to make a killing on one simple little item.  A good review by someone is worth quite a bit for any possible future jobs.

I’m gonna tape that bill to the wall.

Spending Days in SF

MeInSFI’ve got 3 helpdesk employees under me.  Well, it’s actually 2 now.  Today was one of my guys last day.  I’ll be spending a lot more time in our SF office until we hire a replacement.

I’ll be doing interviews for the next 2 week at least.  It’s quite difficult to find a good helpdesk person that will last a while.

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