King Obama

king-obamaWe now have a King.  We’re a Kingdom, not a Republic.  It happened right before my eyes.  It’s the biggest out pour of propaganda in human history.  The way information is inseminated in this country in our current state of technology helped.  The internet played a huge roll and they are taking over that now, too.  Probably so it can’t be used against them and can keep control.

By the time the people really need to rise up and take back control, we won’t be able to.  We’ll have the internet, but won’t be able to use it.  We’ll have guns, but no ammunition.  We’ll have our voices, but won’t be able to say anything.

FedEx and UPS refuse to ship a digital mill that makes untraceable ‘ghost guns’

fedex-and-ups-will-not-ship-digital-mill-3Re-posted from

The 3D printed gun has always been a controversial topic, one of those subjects which sees the opposition of two political stances, especially in the US. On one side, some people defend the right of on being in favour of the free circulation of firearms, while on the other there is the public opinion concerned for a society in which being armed could become too easy. Although obtaining a gun through mainstream distribution is probably easier, and it will provide the customer with a more reliable firearm than one made on a desktop 3D printer, the topic is still hot.

fedex-and-ups-will-not-ship-digital-mill-1For this reason Defense Distributed, a gun-making advocacy group led by Cody Wilson, has developed and released the Ghost Gunner, a compact CNC mill that enables the machining of metal parts for untraceable firearm manufacturing. The problem is that FedEx has refused to ship the device to the ones who pre-ordered it last October, when all the digital mills were sold out within 36 hours.

This is only the latest of several troubles related to the activities of Defense Distributed: it all began after the NGO published CAD files to its Liberator pistol and the State Department ordered them to be taken down from the group’s website. Nonetheless, the files had already been downloaded 100,000 times, and they are still available on many torrent sites. Previously, the advocacy group was kicked out of Indiegogo after it had started a crowdfunding campaign in 2012; moreover Stratasys seized their industrial FDM 3D printer when it discovered it had been used to print gun parts.

According to FedEx spokesperson Scott Fiedler, the global courier delivery services company says there is a big issue regarding the shipping of the Ghost Gunner:

“This device is capable of manufacturing firearms, and potentially by private individuals. We are uncertain at this time whether this device is a regulated commodity by local, state or federal governments. As such, to ensure we comply with the applicable law and regulations, FedEx declined to ship this device until we know more about how it will be regulated.”

Although Ghost Gunner is a $1,500 machine that can carve out aluminum objects from CAD files, not only guns, the fact that Cody Wilson marketed the milling machine as a firearms maker must have raised concerns. The above-quoted previous initiatives by the founder of Distributed Defense did not help him to build a good reputation, nevertheless the ownership and selling of the technology itself is not illegal. As argued by Adam Winkler, law professor at UCLA:

“Buying, selling, or using the Ghost Gunner isn’t illegal, nor is owning an AR-15 without a serial number. Federal law does not prohibit individuals from making their own firearms at home, and that includes AR-15s.”

A new generation of makers using 3D printers and milling machines has opened an era in which anyone can potentially make anything – from prostheses to guns – behind the curtains of his of her comfortable living room. Nonetheless, this potential can be put into action only if this new technology actually reaches people’s houses.

Wilson argues that:

“The artifact that they’re shipping is a CNC mill. There’s nothing about it that is specifically related to firearms except the hocus pocus of the marketing.”

Moreover, the list of objects FedEx does not ship does not include guns or gun-making tools. Wilson tried also with UPS, but received again a negative response. In fact, UPS spokesperson Dan Mackin stated:

“UPS reserves the right to refuse to provide transportation service for, among other reasons, any shipments that create legal, safety or operational concerns. UPS is continuing to evaluate such concerns with regard to the transportation of milling machines used to produce operable firearms but, at this point in time, will not accept such devices for transportation.”

On one hand the issue is related to the delivery of 3D printers that are not used only for printing firearms, that is to say that is hard to consider them illegal, on the other hand the possibility of making almost any kind of object from home urged the adoption of strict forms of regulation and policy.

Latest Project

WP_20150220_08_47_12_ProsmallHere’s the background.  He have a small training room at the office that holds 32 trainees comfortably.  Its setup classroom style.  I’ve been asked if it’s possible for us to remove the current tables and put in round tables, enough to hold 30 people.  Preferably, 5 tables of 6 people so no one’s backs are to the presenter.

FR Training RoomSo, I used the 3d software I’ve been learning to sketch out the room and place round tables and a chair to see if it seems like it would work.  It appeared so.  Our Managing Partner is desiring this and after seeing this picture he asked me if I could place 30 chairs.  I told him my current knowledge of the software doesn’t allow me to do that quickly.  I’d have to learn about “Assemblies” to do that efficiently which I’m willing to do, I’m just not sure it’s something as an IT person I should be spending my time on.  He understood and agreed.

WP_20150221_19_08_15_Pro (Medium)So, I’m taking it one step further this weekend.  I redesigned the chairs and 3D printed them and five 6′ round tables at 1/40 scale.  I’m currently printing a representation of the room so we can move items around and play with configurations and see what will work and how many people it can fit.

WP_20150221_19_07_54_Pro (Medium)It’s nice to finally find that 3D printing might even help an accounting firm.  We are periodically asked to change the training room in different configurations and this gives others the opportunity to easily play with the furniture to see for themselves what will work, what won’t work and why.

Back In Time

Momwest 001To be honest, I don’t remember seeing this picture.  I’m sure I have, I just don’t remember it.  As of writing this and if my calculations are correct I’m currently 5-6 years older than Dad is in this picture.  That’s Jerry on the left and David on the right, foster bothers I had for a short time.

This picture was taken at 2255 Starbright Dr, San Jose.  The camera is in the dining room facing the family room.  The built in book cases and wallpaper mural are in the background.  I think I spent 5 years in this house from age 4 to 9.  When I think about times as a very little kid it’s this house I remember being in.

It looks like it was taken with a Polaroid.  I wonder who took the shot?

Dad, did your sister take this picture?  Who scanned it for us?

Latest 3D Creation

FR PencilHolderI was pondering going to bed early last night, around 10:00pm.  But, decided instead to start on a pen/pencil, desk organizer container.  I didn’t get to bed until 2:30am, but I had a ball creating this object.  Now, I must admit, I didn’t actually come up with this design.  I downloaded a pencil holder similar to this one about a year ago and have been using it ever since.  So, I basically just took some WP_20150208_12_20_04_Promeasurements from it and made my own.

I put my name and our company logo on it since I’ll probably take this to work.  It’s 4 inches tall and took just under 10 hours to print.   It came out pretty good.

How could I have created this any other way?  Out of WP_20150208_11_59_29_Pro (Medium)wood?  Metal?  And with these dimensions with this accuracy?  How would I have gotten the logo on there?  The exact logo, not just picking a similar font.  That is our exact logo, pixel for pixel.

I’m now working on a 3D Printing presentation.  I’d like to get others as excited about this technology as I am, WP_20150208_12_00_02_Pro (Medium)especially young people.  This sort of power in the right hands can do great things.  Can you imagine showing this awesome capability to someone like Thomas Edison or Leonardo da Vinci?

The Savage Nation

dr-savageI still listen to The Savage Nation radio program when I can.  This is typically during my lunch break since Dr. Michael Savage is on in the afternoons now, noon-3pm, KSFO in liberal San Francisco.

I used to have a system setup to record the show everyday from an online broadcast.  Seems like a simple thing to do until you try to do.  There doesn’t seem to be any easy, free way to make this happen.  I had to setup some rinky-dink method of using Windows 7 Task Scheduler to start a 3d party program through a batch file that started the recording.  But, it broke several months ago.  Apparently, they stopped broadcasting online using that protocol and my method won’t work anymore.

Luckly, I recently found that someone else is recording them and posting them online.  I’m grabbing these as I can and saving them because who knows when that site might be forced down.  I don’t know why I want them, I just do.

He is still the only radio personality I can put up with and sometimes I can’t even put with Dr. Savage, but, I’ll always quickly go back to him.  No one can fill in for this guy.  They have to play best-of’s when he is on vacation.  I could go on and on talking about Savage.  He’s a simple man who’s lead a complicated life and he’s able to put two and two together to get four.  You’ll have to listen to him yourself and form your own opinion.

Here is last Friday’s show.  I haven’t heard all of it yet.

No Updates

WP_20141011_13_40_44_Pro (Medium)I haven’t had much time to post anything lately.  Honestly, most of my previous posts came from the little down time I had at work.  The past year or so I haven’t had one minute to myself during the day.

I figured I’d go though some pictures and see if I have anything I can post. (since I’m a boring guy who doesn’t go out much)

WP_20141009_06_26_09_Pro (Medium)I came across this picture of some parts I 3D printed for some guy that contacted me.  I forgot what I charged him, but the parts came out pretty good.

It’s for a Hapkit which is some sort of feedback system.  These parts where for an experiment.