4 Year Old Surrenders

This picture just breaks my heart.  Its a picture of a 4 year-old girl.  She’s in a refugee camp in Syria.  She thought the camera with a telephoto lens was a weapon.  When the photographer pointed it at her she put her hands in the air and surrendered.

What a shame that little 4 years olds in this world know what surrender means, let alone doing the act.  She shouldn’t need to know what it means.  She should be playing with toy horses and dolls, playing tag with her friends.  Unfortunately, she isn’t pretending the very real game of WAR.

I guess you can call me a Bleeding-Heart Conservative.

IRS – Fraud Call

irsI just received a call on my cell from some dude claiming to be from the IRS.  He said there were legal actions taken against me and asked if I could come down to the court house this afternoon at 3:30 with my legal counsel.

I laughed.  That bothered him.  He asked, “Why are you laughing?”  I said, “No!  I’m not coming down to any court house!”  He started into his dialog about how serious this situation was and I yelled at him, “You’re a fraud!”

He hung up.

The IRS does not call people.  They only send out letters through the US mail.  Period.

If you get a call this like just ask for the persons name again.  They may hang up right there.  If not, ask them to spell it because you need to right it down on this FCC report.  They will hang up.

Early 3D Print Videos

Dr. Michael Savage Yesterday

DrMichaelSavageHere is a snippet of yesterday’s The Savage Nation Radio Program hosted by Dr. Michael Savage.  He started to get a little agitated and started to say something he probably shouldn’t say on the air.  He paused and stopped himself which made me chuckle.  I do not fully agree with what he says (which is typical for me) but, I do most of it.

Hillary Emails

branco-blackberry-whine-hillary-email-2Here is what I would like to know about Hillary’s email server, since I’m in IT and I know a little bit about email servers.

Who is the Administrator of the email server?  Who setup the infrastructure?  Who is maintaining the system?  Who is taking the backups?  Who is changing the tapes?  Is an official government IT person with the correct security clearance taking care of these things or did she just hire someone from GeekSquad to maintain this system?  Is there a spam filter on the system?  Does she have the ability to send out emails securely with encryption?  Who has access to the encryption key?

Someone has the Administrator password to the email system.  Who is/are these people?

New Hardware & Software Toy

WP_20150308_19_40_07_Pro2I’m trying a new way to control one of my 3D printers, with a Raspberry Pi.  Some really smart guy developed the software to send and receive commands to a 3d printer using the little $35 Raspberry Pi computer and he slapped a web server on it so it’s accessed using a web browser.

I poked a hole in my router at home and you can access my Octoprint Printer Server here…Click on the <Controls> tab and you’ll see there is a webcam attached to the Raspberry Pi and the program supports it.


You can’t control my printer, you’d have to log in for that.  But anyone with the right credentials (only me) can operate the printer from these windows and send print jobs, etc.  I can start a print job while I’m at work, for example, and can monitor the job with the camera.

Another cool feature is, since the camera and printer both are connected to the Raspberry Pi, you can get nice time laps pictures, like every time the Z moves up.  Now, I can make a nice time lapse video of print jobs.  It sort of melts upwards.  The camera has to be mounted to the bed for this effect so I went ahead and did that.

I ran out of that color filament and switched to another.  Since this was a test I just used remnants of filament I had lying around.

Next I’ll figure out how to install Cura on the Raspberry Pi which is a program that slices 3D files, another piece of the puzzle.  Right now I’m using my same old laptop to “slice” the 3D file and then upload it to this OctoPrint program on the Raspberry Pi.  Once I get Cura installed OctoPrint should be able to “slice” the file eliminating the need for the laptop all together.  I could operate my 3D printer completely from any computer connected to the internet or an iPad or an iPhone, almost anything that can browse the web.

A True Leader

_60121353_60121352Netanyahu is a true leader.  You can hear in his voice that he loves his country and he loves his people.

Our President’s response to the speech was…

“I did not have a chance to watch Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech.  I was on a uh, a video conference with our European partners with respect to Ukraine.  I did have a chance to take a look at the transcript and as far as I could tell there was nothing new.  But, on the core issue which is how do we prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, which would make it far more dangerous and would give it scope for even greater action in the region.  The Prime Minister didn’t offer any viable alternatives.”

Wrong.  He did offer at least one alternative.  Walk away from the table.  The mullahs will offer better deals if you know how to negotiate with them, which, it appears he knows a little more about than Obama or Kerry.

And, he didn’t have time to listen to his speech?  Every single leader in the world made time and was watching this speech.  They all moved their schedule around to pay attention.  Obama couldn’t be bothered.  Apparently, he doesn’t have any arguments against what Netanyahu said or he should have said so.  Instead, all he said was “nothing new” and no “viable alternatives” offered.

The Israeli Prime Minister also said Israel would go it alone if they had to.  Which means, to stop Iran from obtaining nukes Israel would move forward with their own bombing campaign with or without America’s support or approval.

It was a very clear speech.  Something we have not received from Obama ever.  He laid out some history, explained why Iran is not to be trusted, went over what is currently being negotiated and laid out some possible out-comes.  All in very clear, easy to understand dialog.  Obama speaks in circles and in vague ideologies.  Obama tells us hes working but keeps everything in the dark.  Netanyahu speaks truths openly.

No one from our current administration was present at his speech.  No Obama, no Kerry, no Biden, etc.

King Obama

king-obamaWe now have a King.  We’re a Kingdom, not a Republic.  It happened right before my eyes.  It’s the biggest out pour of propaganda in human history.  The way information is inseminated in this country in our current state of technology helped.  The internet played a huge roll and they are taking over that now, too.  Probably so it can’t be used against them and can keep control.

By the time the people really need to rise up and take back control, we won’t be able to.  We’ll have the internet, but won’t be able to use it.  We’ll have guns, but no ammunition.  We’ll have our voices, but won’t be able to say anything.