Sunday School

Sunday SchoolI was raised in Sunday School.  I can remember one particular event that stands out in my mind.

One Sunday they announced that they would be giving away coloring books to the children who could remember 12 bible verses.  I didn’t understand them correctly and I thought I’d have to memorize all 12 by next Sunday when actually, they would be only doing 2 a week.

Well, I really wanted one of those coloring books so I practiced and learned all 12 bible verses that week.  Dad set me up with the tape recorder and used it to help me memorize the verses.

So, the following Sunday I get to Sunday School really excited that I memorized all 12 verses and I’d get my coloring book.  I then learned that they weren’t giving away any coloring books that day.  We were only doing 2 verses a week and the coloring book was 6 weeks away.

I was crushed.  Maybe, that put the bad taste in my mouth towards organized religion or at least pushed me over the edge.  I think you can be just as close to God in your own backyard then sitting in a nice pew with the alter and stained glass windows.

I never did get that damn coloring book.

Police Brutality

eric-garner-police-brutality-ramsey-ortaI tend to stand with the cops.  Especially in the Ferguson case.  I understand there are some bad cops out there, but, in general I’m going to take side of the cops, not the criminals.

But, in this NY, Eric Cantor case I can not.  When you have someone in a choke hold and they are telling you they can not breath, you absolutely must air on the side of caution.  The person can die for Christ’s sake!  As in this case.

“I can’t breath!”  “I can’t breath!”  I can’t breath!”  You can hear him saying it over and over again.  It’s just heartbreaking.  I don’t believe this guy deserved to die.  Especially, not like this.

Obama’s Police Cameras are NOT going to solve this.  This incident was recorded and he still died.  Watch, a lot of changes are going to take place because of this.  Quite honestly, I’m not sure all of them will be for the best.  As always, time will tell.

Oh, and isn’t it comforting to know that Eric Holder’s office will be investigating this case?


Testing out a new plug-in that may allow me to directly select pictures from my One Drive (cloud) account.  The pictures are automatically uploaded from my phone camera.  Just an ease of use type of thing.

Oh, look.  My Alpha 3d printer spawned ANOTHER 3d printer.  I’m out of control.


gruber_0I really don’t understand all the hub-bub about Gruber.  We knew all along the media and politicians were playing a shell game and playing the American public as fools.  This is no news for me.

It’s Been a Year

DSC00080aIt’s been a year and I still miss the hell out him.  I had to work late last night.  I got home around 9:00pm and my roommate wasn’t home, either.  My first thought was, “Crap, no one fed Bear.”  Then I remembered, “Crap, Bear isn’t here.”

People at work still ask me if I’m going to get another dog.  I say, probably, but, I don’t really want another dog.  I want Bear.

I.T. Poser

ITPoserThis guy shows up at businesses posing as an electrician or IT guy.  He has badges and carries around a little multimeter claiming he needs to check equipment in the office.  He stole someone’s wallet from another business next to us.

He entered our second floor because a door was propped open.  We are so busy this time of year I don’t think he could find an area where there were no people so he left pretty quickly.  Some employees were outside and saw him speed off screeching his tires.

We keep our IT office door closed when we leave the room, so, there is no way he could have walked off with any of our computers or equipment.  I had to re-assure my boss that nothing could have been taken as we are following our security procedures at least as far as IT is concerned.  That other door is an issue though and it has already been addressed.

I doubt we are going to see this asshole here again, but, I kinda wish we would.

My long time friend Michael and I were reminiscing about the time we caught a shop lifter at Orchard Supply Hardware and pinned him down on the ground until the cops arrived.  He tried to get away several times, but, we just kept our weight down on him.

Anyway, excitement at the office yesterday.

Pivothead Video Recording Sunglasses

pivotheaddurangomatteblackYou know me, a geek about technology.  I just purchased online a pair of these video recording sunglasses from Pivothead.  My hope is to take more video of my day so my Dad can get a better glimpse into my day to day life and to shoot some instructional video where I need my hands free.

There were times where I wanted to shoot some video or take a picture but, didn’t want to break out a camera to do so.  Like, in a crowded subway train.  We were packed in like sardines.  If I had these glasses I could just press a button and take a picture of shoot video.

The camera is right above the nose.  These are fairly inconspicuous unless someone looks really close at them.  Gotta be careful wearing them into the bathroom.

The Truck is Mine

TheTruckisMineI own my truck.  I owed about another $17,000 on my truck loan so I took out a loan against my 401k and paid it off.  The interest rate on my 401k loan is way lower and I’m paying the interest back to myself.  I don’t fully understand how that works, but, that’s what it is.

My truck can’t be taken away from now.  It’s mine and maybe I’ll actually be able to save a little money each paycheck instead of having to dip into my savings.

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